Sarah Kate Ellis, CEO of Pro-LGBT Group, Calls for “Government Intervention” to Stop “Hate Speech” Online 

At this juncture in American history, any type of speech the regime hates is automatically labeled as hate speech. 

Sarah Kate Ellis, the chief executive officer of LGBT advocacy organization GLAAD, is making sure to crystallize this trend by calling for government intervention against online “hate speech.” 

According to a report by Christina Maas at Reclaim the Net, Ellis believes that there’s been an increased degree of hate speech directed towards the LGBT community. 

During an appearance on “CBS Mornings,” Ellis was asked about who and what should be clamping down on “hate speech” against sexual deviants on online platforms. 

“We do need government intervention here and we need the right policies,” Ellis said in response to the question.

“This has been going on for over a decade and congress has been really ineffective to say the best,” she continued.

Ellis is of the belief that online hate speech against sexual deviants is culpable for the increase in anti-sexual deviancy legislation at the state level.  

In the interview, Ellis alluded to a report by her organization that discovered how 84% of LGBT individuals 18 and up feel there are insufficient protections in the online world against discrimination and harassment. 

The report targeted Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube for not having the essential protections needed to shelter sexual deviants from perceived threats online. 

“The environment out there is really tough for LGBTQ people, especially our youth,” Ellis stated. “Also, what’s happened over this past year is we’ve seen over 300 anti-LGBTQ bills at the state level proposed.”

“This is all driven from online. That’s where people get together. That’s where this hate and discrimination festers,” the GLAAD CEO continued. She called on advocacy organizations, parents, and children to report incidents of hate speech to platforms in order to compel them to reform their hate speech policies.

The cultural Left knows the score. In a free speech environment, their ideas and degenerate behavior will invariably get exposed and eviscerated by normal members of the general public. 

Right-wing populists must do everything possible to protect online speech. This is an existential issue of our time. And if it means passing an Internet Bill of Rights to protect peaceful political discourse from both private and government censorship, so be it. 

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