SATANIC: Argentina Legalizes Abortion, Massive Celebrations Ensue

On Wednesday Argentina became the largest Latin American country to legalize abortion.

Two years ago a bill to legalize abortion failed to pass in the upper house, but this most recent one will become law after the Senate passed it by a 38-29 vote. Alberto Fernandez, the president of Argentina, is expected to sign the bill and thereby officially establish it as a law.

Many Argentinian women were jubilant upon hearing the news, as is evident from the massive celebrations taking place in the streets of Buenos Aires. There were also many pro-life individuals who gathered on the streets in prayer and protest against the bill’s passing.

Several Latin American nations remain socially conservative in certain respects. Left-leaning outlets like The New York Times are thus heralding the news as a watershed moment for their civilization.

“The effects of the legalization are likely to ripple across Latin America, galvanizing reproductive-rights advocates elsewhere in the region and leaving them hopeful that other socially conservative nations could follow suit,” wrote the Times.

Argentina is also the native country of Pope Francis. Despite his left-leaning and pro-globalist political opinions, the pope is staunchly pro-life. In a veiled reference on the day before the vote, he tweeted that “the Son of God was born an outcast, in order to tell us that every outcast is a child of God. He came into the world as each child comes into the world, weak and vulnerable, so that we can learn to accept our weaknesses with tender love.”

The Catholic Church has taught and always will teach that abortion represents the killing of an innocent person and is therefore murder in all cases.

Back in March Big League Politics wrote about a pro-life Mass organized by Argentinian bishops and attended by 100,000 people:

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