Saudi Arabia Plans on Hosting Talks for Ukraine’s Peace Plan

Saudi Arabia has plans of hosting talks on Ukraine’s peace plan with several other countries in its coastal hub of Jeddah, per three foreign diplomats in the kingdom.

The diplomats, who wanted to remain anonymous due to how they were not authorized to discuss the peace talks, said that several nations, which includes the United States and European nations, in addition to Brazil, China and India, were extended invitations, though it was not immediately made clear which nations would participate.

Russia was apparently not invited. Russian government spokesman Dmitri S. Peskov declared that “Russia will keep an eye on this meeting” but would need “to fully understand what goals are being set,” per a report by Russian state media outlet TASS on July 31, 2023.

A good number of the invited countries, including Saudi Arabia, have not folded to Western pressure to isolate Russia over its military incursion into Ukraine in 2022.

Per a Wall Street Journal report, Saudi Arabia would be holding the talks  on August 5 to the 6.

On July 30, the head of Ukraine’s presidential office, Andriy Yermak, stated that a meeting about Ukraine’s plan “to restore lasting and just peace” would be held in Saudi Arabia soon. Major world national security leaders and political advisers will be in attendance.

The 10-point Ukrainian plan has the goal of holding Russia accountable for its alleged war crimes, and calls on Russia to hand over all captured Ukrainian territory and pay a major indemnity to Ukraine. Russia has rejected Ukraine’s peace plan.

Saudi Arabia is one nation that the Biden regime has not been able to win over in its broad based campaign to sanction Russia.

While peace talks are better than continued warfare, US authorities should do everything possible to extricate the US from this conflict. The Russo-Ukrainian conflict has no pressing national interest for the US to justify any type of involvement there.

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