SCAM ALERT? U.S. People’s Convoy Fundraiser is Run by Woman Who Pleaded Guilty to Fraud

The people’s convoy of truckers has spilled across the border from Canada into America, but a major fundraiser’s reported history of fraud may be undermining the movement’s righteous goals.

The American Foundation for Civil Liberties and Freedoms (AFCLF) is fundraising on behalf of the truckers’ convoy and has raised over $1.5 million for the cause. The AFCLF executive director Pamela Milacek has a history of pleading guilty of fraud in the state of Texas. 

Milacek pleaded guilty to taking an individual’s Social Security number, name and driver’s license number in order to apply for a credit card with PayPal. She also pleaded guilty to withdrawing $15,000 without the consent of a victim in Collin County, Texas back in Sept. 2020.

She received deferred adjudication from a judge on both cases, but the judge authorized warrants against her for probation violations. Milacek reportedly did not pay the court costs nor participate in an anti-theft program mandated by the courts through her plea agreement. Milacek is publicly denying that she has any nefarious motive in her fundraising efforts for the truckers.

“They [truckers] tell us what they need [funds] for, whether it’s expenses or fuel or for security,” Milacek said when approached by investigators at FreightWaves

“The organizers send that information over here with the invoice and then we take care of making sure that if it’s an individual vendor they get paid for it, or if it’s reimbursement for expenses that the truckers have directly, then we’ll reimburse them. They are in charge of kind of directing how that works. We are just handling it on the back end,” she added.

Right-wing provocateur Jacob Wohl approached the truckers’ convoy while they were stationed in Hagerstown, Maryland on Saturday, raising pertinent questions about the movement’s organizational strategy and what they were actually accomplishing with their action. He was greeted harshly, and convoy participants could not answer his questions.

The video can be seen here:

Members of the truckers’ convoy have repeatedly said that their protest, unlike the Canadian truckers, is not meant to disrupt commerce or actually impede the government’s ability to inflict tyranny on the masses. They apparently expect to achieve their goals while doing nothing else but driving around.

It seems as if this truckers’ convoy, while very much well-intentioned, is being diverted into another fruitless effort that poses no real opposition to the delegitimized ruling authority in Washington D.C. An alleged grifter at the heart of the fundraising operation should raise major alarm bells to potential supporters of this cause as well.

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