‘Scaring is Caring’: MSNBC Claims Republicans Have Made Trump a ‘King’ Like in ‘North Korea’

The fake news hosts at MSNBC are reacting hysterically after the Senate voted to reject witnesses in the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump that is likely to come to an end in the days to come.

MSNBC host Joy Reid hosted Malcolm Nance, executive director of the Terror Asymmetrics Project and author of “The Plot to Betray America,” to discuss the supposed constitutional ramifications of Trump’s upcoming acquittal. The results were an example of Trump Derangement Syndrome at its worst.

She started by referencing a tweet issued by CIA operative Evan McMullin, who ran for the presidency in 2016 in a failed attempt to sabotage Donald Trump’s chances.

“Do you believe, as Jon Meacham said on our air, that because of [imminent demographic changes] they have now essentially made Trump into a king?” Reid asked Nance.

“Yes,” Nance replied while chuckling. “Absolutely.”

“We are at the point where we are not living in a constitutional republic anymore,” he continued. “As you know, a republic is a democracy in which the rights of the minority party are defended. Now what we have is we have a constitutional monarchy, or a constitutional autocracy where Donald Trump is the supreme element of this state, like North Korea.”

“And I think that if we don’t reverse this in this upcoming election and fight to defend American constitution that will be it for America as we have known it,” Nance concluded.

Reid ended the interview by thanking Nance and reiterating her motto that “scaring is caring” and “we gotta let people know what’s going on.”

The segment can be seen here:


Reid and Nance are known for regularly making ignorant, unhinged comments about President Trump and the Republican Party.

“People are afraid of, not just what he can do, but what he is doing to people, what he is bringing out in people,” Reid said last month. “You have swatting happening, and Nazis walking around. It is a scary time.”

“It’s made people feel more anxious,” she said of the Trump presidency, “They feel less safe. So the anxiety — everything he does makes people feel worse.”

Nance has cashed out on unhinged Democrats desperate for Trump outrage porn. He is still spreading nonsense about Trump being a Russian agent, continuing his disinformation campaign months after FBI special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation yielded nothing.

He said late last year that Trump had been “under Russian intelligence surveillance for a very long time—as early as 1977 with his first wife, Ivana.”

“They had ten years of collection and then they brought him to Moscow for what he wanted, which is Trump Tower,” Nance said. “But from that moment on, an enormous dossier of information was collected on him and more importantly, how to exploit him and his simple exploit—as we call it in the intelligence community—and he is avaricious to a fault. He wants money, they now own him. Modern Russia, with a former KGB director as president, they know how to exploit people, they know how to manipulate people, and they know how to buy people.”

Expect more unhinged outbursts from liberals when Trump is inevitably acquitted by the Senate.

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