Schools in NYC Enroll 20,000 Migrants, All Who are Not Required to Demonstrate Vaccination Status

Roughly 20,000 migrant children will be enrolled in New York City’s public schools as of September 7, 2023, the first day of school in the school system. 

Unlike the children of New York residents, none of these migrant children will not be required to demonstrate proof of vaccination status upon enrolling.  

On August 31, 2023, New York City leaders organized a press conference that dealt with the over 100,000 border crossers and illegal alien invaders that have arrived in the sanctuary jurisdiction since spring 2022. 

Per officials, roughly 19,000 migrant children had been integrated into New York City schools in all of the city’s five boroughs by the end of the 2022 school year. On top of that, 500 migrant children are projected to be enrolled at the beginning of the 2023 school year. 

A reporter asked officials at the conference the following question: 

“How can you look parents of non-migrants in the face — many, many millions of them, maybe two million families and parents — how do you tell them everything’s going to be okay this year?”

One official replied with the following statement: 

“Everything has been okay. We started welcoming these students in from last year. And it’s very important to note as well, prior to this administration, we lost 120,000 families left the New York City public schools. So, we’ve absorbed last year, 19,000 students. We have room for the students and our principals, our superintendents, our school communities have worked extremely well in receiving these young people. I’ve been to schools, I have visited schools where I’ve seen other students, third and fourth graders who are interpreting for their classmates.”

In a separate case, another official mentioned that none of the approximately  20,000 migrant children enrolled in New York City schools will have to demonstrate proof that they have received vaccinations against communicable diseases such as measles, mumps, polio, and rubella.

By contrast, the children of New York residents, must demonstrate proof of their vaccination status. 

“… students in temporary housing, they do not need to show proof of vaccination in order to enter school,” the official remarked. “However, we are working with our partners … to get the students vaccinated.”

Nevertheless, the official mentioned that the school system’s aim is to have migrant children fully compliant with the vaccinations they must take within a 30-day time window of when they sign up for school. 

“Students in temporary housing, it’s always been in place they don’t have to show proof of vaccination upon entering, but we work within the timeframe of 30 days for them to be able to get vaccinated,” the official stated.

There’s clearly a double standard emerging in the post-national US. American citizens are generally punished by or totally ignored by the state, whereas foreigners receive special privileges and get coddled by government policy. 

In the case of public health, migrants from underdeveloped nations of the Global South will be allowed to enter the US with ease, even if these migrants hail from countries with dilapidated health infrastructure. As a result, the US could be subjected to real pandemics owing to the diseases that these migrants could potentially carry. 

Overall, for the US to have a positive environment both in terms of physical and political health, it must get serious about restricting immigration.

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