Scottish University Will Rename David Hume Tower After George Floyd

The University of Edinburgh in Scotland announced that it would rename a university building after George Floyd on Thursday. The Hume Tower was previously named after Scottish Enlightenment philosopher David Hume, who is thought of as a notable classical liberal political philosopher.

The Hume Tower will now be known as 40 George Floyd. The prestigious university, located in Scotland’s capital city, explained in a statement that the renaming was taking place because “of the sensitivities around asking students to use a building named after the 18th century philosopher whose comments on matters of race, though not uncommon at the time, rightly cause distress today.

Many of Hume’s ideas and publications had influenced the American Revolution and later European movements against absolute monarchy.

The University of Edinburgh claims that the strange renaming is only temporary, but give no timeframe as to when the tower will be reverted to its original name, or changed back at all. They’re probably setting up some clueless, feckless university administrator to back down in the face of militant liberal activists who demand that the Floyd name be honored in perpetuity.

Floyd is primarily known for his controversial death during an arrest in the Minneapolis Police Department, in which the fentanyl and methamphetamine-intoxicated felon died under highly questionable circumstances. Floyd had been convicted earlier in life for participating in an armed home invasion robbery that earned him a prison sentence of several years.

It seems that Floyd has been canonized as a saint of ideological American liberalism, going to the point where he is honored in other countries with no connection to the Texas and Minnesota native.

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