SCOTUS Could Soon Roll Back Affirmative Action Policies, Which Could Upend Corporate Hiring, Recruiting Practices Down The Line

The Supreme Court is expected to roll back affirmative action policies at universities.

Per Axios, many schools are already preparing for the consequences of this alleged ruling, because “if overturned, corporate hiring and recruiting practices could be next to land in the crosshairs.”

In case you missed it, the Students for Fair Admissions group sued Harvard University and the University of North Carolina for unfairly factoring race into their admissions processes. 

According to The Daily Wire: The group pointed to the high test scores of Asian-American and white applicants who were rejected.

Students for Fair Admissions (SFFA) argues that Harvard has violated Title VI of the Civil Rights Act by discriminating based on race while still obtaining federal funding. SFFA challenges the University of North Carolina by accusing it of violating the 14th Amendment’s equal protection clause by using race in its admissions policy when the university already has a diverse student body.

With the potential roll back of affirmative action on the horizon, schools like Cornell University have already established a task force to figure out how it will continue to recruit diverse classes.

Per the university, the task force will “examine pipelines and pathways to college, as well as recruitment and retention strategies.”

Moreover, “the task force then will recommend ways for admissions teams to identify attributes and experiences that have prepared applicants to succeed in the university’s academically rigorous programs, positively contribute to the campus community and use their Cornell education to address society’s most challenging problems.”

Axios has warned that if this “discriminatory” SCOTUS ruling happens, “companies could see an uptick in reverse discrimination claims from employees.”

A study from Harvard was included in Axios’s article to emphasize that this ruling could, and likely would, lead to less diverse organizations.

U.S. states that eliminated affirmative action hiring requirements have seen a significant decrease in workplace diversity, compared to the states that kept affirmative action programs in place.

As The Daily Wire summarized, “both a broad or a narrow ruling will likely spark future legal challenges from affirmative action supporters.” 

Even though 62% of Americans oppose race-based college admissions.

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