SCOTUS: West Virginia v. EPA Further Affirms Illegitimacy Of Unelected Bureaucrats

Is executive reign over the people slowly coming to an inevitable end? Some Americans have expressed frustrations over exercises of power by unelected bureaucrats running the USA’s executive branch of government, especially many who supported the administration of former President Trump.

In spite of this, it turns out Trump and his followers may be having the last laugh after a new ruling on Thursday pertaining to the case of West Virginia v. Environmental Protection Agency. The new ruling significantly hampers the ability of unelected federal bureaucrats to make new laws or policies without the direct approval of Congress.

Chief Justice John Roberts wrote the majority opinion for the 6-3 decision affirming that judges can strike down federal agency regulations that have substantial economic effects under the “major questions doctrine.”

Agents of the bureaucracies must additionally “point to clear congressional authorization for the power it claims,” wrote Roberts in the Thursday ruling.

Those curious can view the full ruling below:


Former U.S. Justice Department attorney J. Christian Adams told Just the News that the court’s recent decision reaffirms the Founding Fathers’ strongly held values in self-governance, namely that “any limits on freedom be passed by Congress, not by kings and exchequers and bureaucrats and ministers.”

Unelected bureaucrats “love to control everyone’s lives,” he added. “And the Supreme Court said, ‘look, we’re a republic, because we put power with the people, with Congress, where … if we want to do something, they have to go through a process.'”

“In Washington the number of people involved in issuing this edict, there might have been 30 or 40 people, and those 30 or 40 people were responsible for basically ruining the jobs and employment and welfare of so many people across West Virginia and Kentucky, Colorado, because of their edict that got rid of coal.”

Republicans around the United States have praised former President Trump for his three appointments to the United States Supreme Court which have arguably shaped America’s political landscape for at least decades to come.

“I guarantee you that [Trump] is enjoying some of these decisions being made by the Court,” said Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R). “Look, you know our country was set up with three branches of government. And we’ve developed a fourth, and it’s all of these federal agencies that really go way beyond anything that could have ever been met by our founders.”

West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey, a man who was pivotal in bringing the landmark case against the EPA, also commented:

“I think President Trump did some amazing things with the federal judiciary, and he doesn’t get enough credit for that. And I really applaud the court for the decision that they made because this has the opportunity to be kind of transformative, and ensuring that the administrative state understands that it has to live under the same Constitution that we all do.”

“It was such a win for the American people, but also for Donald Trump,” former presidential spokesman Hogan Gidley told Just the News on Friday. “I mean, how many times did he have to fight the deep state? How many times did he have to fight the bureaucrats up here in Washington?”

Meanwhile, actors of the mainstream media remain obsessed with former President Donald Trump. Many of the fraudulent mainstream outlets are still discussing Donald Trump’s *gasps* ‘insurrection!’ on January 6th. Including CNN, of course.

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