Sculpture of Robert E. Lee in Charlottesville is Melted Down by Woke Iconoclasts

Over the last three years, the United States has experienced a radical iconoclastic campaign where leftist activists have worked diligently to knock down monuments and/or erase monuments of American history. Artifacts of the Confederacy have been the first targets for these radicals. 

The sculpture of Confederate General Robert E. Lee, located in a downtown Charlottesville, Virgnina park, was the most recent victim of this iconoclastic frenzy. What propelled this move was the controversial identitarian rally of 2017 that took place in Charlottesville, where members of the identitarian Right tried to prevent the removal of this statue. 

The statue was taken down in July 2021 after the city won a drawn-out legal battle with the Sons of Confederate Veterans and other organizations. The city ended up donating the Lee statue to a coalition that planned to melt it down and build a more inclusive public art installation in its place.

Lawsuits to halt the project failed, and organizers proceeded, largely in secrecy, to pick apart and melt down the Lee monument.

The melting down of the Lee statue is expected to take weeks. The statue weighed roughly 10,000 pounds. Organizers noted that the following step will be selecting an artist who will mold the bronze ingots into a new art form that will be displayed in Charlottesville.

This is just the latest chapter of the woke war against American history. The Confederacy is an easy target for the Left due to its legacy of being connected to slavery. Attacks against it are merely stepping stones for further attacks against other white historical figures in American history, such as the Founding Fathers. 

The end game behind these monument removals is the complete destruction of American history. It’s one of the first steps in ushering in a new, multicultural political order that would make the Founding Fathers most certainly roll over in their graves. 

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