Sean Davis: Mueller Showed He’s Political Hitman, Believes in Guilty Until Proven Innocent for Trump

Mueller Sean Davis

Co-founder of The Federalist Sean Davis exposed former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s actions reveal him to be a political hitman who viewed his commission as an opportunity to take down the lawfully elected president.

The Federalist‘s co-founder took Mueller to task in a scathing article earlier today, deconstructing his clown-like performance over the last two years and up through this morning’s press conference bit by bit.

Davis writes that Mueller began his prepared statement this morning by telling the public that it is important for the Mueller report to speak for itself, as it has been pored over for weeks since its April release, to which Davis rhetorically asks “then why did Mueller schedule a press conference in which he would speak for it weeks after it was released?”

According to Davis, Mueller’s statement then becomes “self refuting.”

Davis expands that Mueller seems to believe Russian agents have a greater protection under United States law than President Donald Trump, as Mueller specifically notes that “Every defendant is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty.” However, Mueller does not extend this same basic legal foundation to the president, instead creating a new standard in which President Trump is to be presumed guilty until Mueller or another prosecutor determines otherwise.

“The order appointing the special counsel authorized us to investigate actions that could obstruct the investigation. We conducted that investigation and kept the office of the acting attorney general apprised of our work,” Mueller said. “After that investigation, if we had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so.”

According to Mueller and his team, charged Russians are presumed innocent. An American president, however, is presumed guilty unless and until Mueller’s team determines he is innocent. Such a standard is an obscene abomination against the rule of law, one that would never be committed by independent attorneys who place a fidelity to their oaths and impartial enforcement of the law ahead of their political motivations.

Mueller then went on to say that “It would be unfair to potentially accuse somebody of a crime when there can be no court resolution of the actual charge,” which Davis says Mueller clearly cannot believe, as if it were true the second, 240-page part of the Mueller report, focusing solely on possible obstruction of justice, would never have been authored.

“After all, according to Mueller’s own statement, such an operation would be patently unfair,” writes Davis.

This behavior, in Davis’s view, shows that Mueller is “little more than a clone of James Comey—the smarmy, scheming politician who replaced Mueller as the head of the FBI,” and “a scheming political operative.”

Mueller’s performance made it clear for all to see that what he ran for the last two years wasn’t an independent investigation pursuant to the rule of law so much as an inquisition motivated by political animus. Mueller and his team refused to charge prominent Democrats for crimes he charged against Republicans. Paul Manafort was charged with unregistered lobbying for foreign governments, while Mueller left alone long-time Democrat donor Tony Podesta and former Obama White House Counsel Greg Craig.

In short, Davis summarily defines Mueller as a partisan Democrat who used his power in an obvious attempt to delegitimize Republicans and President Trump whenever possible, while ignoring the possible crimes committed by high profile Democrats, even while those potential crimes may be equally or more severe than those imaginary ones committed by the president and his team.

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