Seattle Closing City Jail as Crime Spikes, City Council Moves to Defund Police by 50%

King County Executive Dow Constantine announced that the county would shut down its downtown Seattle jail on Wednesday, raising serious questions about the future of public safety in the metropolitan area rocked with a surge of crime and left-wing political violence in the wake of the failed Capital Hill Autonomous Zone experiment.

The King County Jail, which currently houses more than 1,300 inmates, is slated to be closed when the coronavirus pandemic is brought under control.

Bail Bondsman Denis Behrend Jr. questioned the county’s strategy when speaking to Q13 FOX, noting that many of the inmates currently detained in the jail have been charged with violent crimes.

I’m shocked, I can’t understand what the plan would be for this… I sit in the courtroom almost every day listening to cases and we don’t bond out everyone. There are some seriously dangerous people in custody.

It’s totally unclear how the county is planning utilize pre-trial detention after phasing out the downtown jail, with some indications suggesting the county is planning to do away with it entirely.

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan recently admitted that the city had undergone a whopping 525% increase in crimes after the creation of the CHAZ, an anarchist project that was only broken up by Seattle police after a total of four murders, some of which the commune’s self-appointed security was responsible for.

The Seattle City Council is also planning to cut the funding of the Seattle Police by 50%, forcing the department to lay off hundreds of officers. Police Chief Carmen Best is urging the council to reconsider the “very rash and reckless decision,” and also rebuked a suggestion from a councilor to fire the department’s white police officers to avoid laying off officers that are minorities.

The formerly tranquil Pacific Northwest community appears poised to engage in a radical new experiment of rule by anarchist mob and the abolition of traditional American law and order.

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