Second Arrest Made in Murder of Five-Year Old North Carolina Child Cannon Hinnant

A second arrest has been made in the heinous murder of five-year old North Carolina child Cannon Hinnant.

25-year old Darius Sessoms has already been arrested and charged with first-degree murder in the death of the child, with eyewitnesses alleging he shot the five-year old boy in the head at point-blank range last month.

It appears that Sessoms had help in trying to evade police for the crime last month. Wilson County, North Carolina police arrested 21-year old Aolani Takemi Marie Pettit earlier this week, and have charged the woman with felony accessory to murder after the fact for allegedly helping Sessoms hide from police after the shooting.

Sessoms was ultimately arrested the day after the crime, but police had been unable to find him while he was being hidden by Pettit.

It’s quite disturbing that one of Sessom’s acquaintances would be willing to help him to hide from law enforcement after committing one of the worst crimes of violence against a child known to society.

The fake news media has largely ignored the shocking murder, instead focusing on sex offenders and career criminals injured or wounded after resisting arrest for felony crimes. Doubtlessly they’ll ignore the arrest of Sessoms’ accomplice, as well.

Hinnant’s mother has spoken of her desire to seek the death penalty against Sessoms for the murder.

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