Security Experts Highlight Increased Western Meddling in Russia’s Internal Affairs 

Late last month, experts from the Russian Security Council emphasized that the Collective West’s interference in Russia’s internal affairs has been increasing throughout Moscow’s military incursion in Ukraine.

“Experts from Russia’s Security Council discussed issues related to the emergence of new challenges and threats to national security amid the special military operation. During a group meeting covering the issues of neutralizing internal threats to national security at the academic board of the Russian Security Council, the West’s ever increasing meddling attempts in the domestic affairs of our country were particularly noted,” the statement outlined.

The Security Council noted that “the aspirations of a number of foreign states to destabilize the social and political environment in Russia, among other things, by activating the illegitimate activity of nationalist and other ultra-right structures.”

Because of this increased interference in Russia’s internal affairs, the Security Council’s experts called on the Russian state to shore up its law enforcement and intelligence infrastructure in order to guarantee state and public security.

At this meeting, there were several measures being proposed such as  measures to prevent the manipulation of public opinion in addition to the use of technology to spread false information and distort information about Russia’s ongoing military operation in Ukraine.

Regardless of what one thinks about Russia’s military operation in Ukraine, this is a controversial geopolitical act by a sovereign nation that poses no threat to the US. For that reason, the US should not send military aid to Ukraine nor should it try to destabilize Russia via subversive means. And God forbid, the US should not try to directly deploy military assets to a conflict zone featuring another nuclear power. The result could be quite catastrophic.

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