Sen. Dick Blumenthal Claims the U.S. is Getting Its ‘Money’s Worth’ for Spending Countless Billions in Ukraine

Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) had the audacity to say that the U.S. is getting its “money’s worth” after spending countless billions of dollars to fund a proxy war against Russia in Ukraine.

“Even Americans who have no particular interest in freedom and independence in democracies worldwide, should be satisfied that we’re getting our money’s worth on our Ukraine investment,” Blumenthal wrote in an op/ed published in the Connecticut Post.

“For less than 3 percent of our nation’s military budget, we’ve enabled Ukraine to degrade Russia’s military strength by half … All without a single American service woman or man injured or lost,” he added.

Blumenthal is repeating the Uni-party talking points in favor of War, echoed by neocon Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT), meant to drive continuous military aid at the behest of the defense industry.

“We’re losing no lives in Ukraine, and the Ukrainians are fighting heroically against Russia,” Romney said. “We’re diminishing and devastating the Russian military for a very small amount of money … a weakened Russia is a good thing.”

Blumenthal made it clear in his op/ed that Ukraine is only being propped up with the assistance of foreign powers and the facade would crumble without a continuous injection of funds from the U.S.

“As Zelensky is frank and forthcoming to say, Ukraine could not have survived without America and our allies,” Blumenthal said. “But his counteroffensive is far from an assured success. In the end, the only way he loses is if America pulls the plug.”

Big League Politics has reported on the Biden administration giving a blank check of weapons and money for Ukraine:

On July 18, 2023, the Biden regime announced an additional $1.3 billion in military aid for Ukraine. This comes at a time when Ukraine’s much-hyped counteroffensive has stagnated and was even paused

“The United States will announce a new pledge to buy $1.3 billion worth of military aid for Kyiv in its conflict with Russia in the coming days, two U.S. officials said,” Reuters reported. This new package consisted of new air defenses, counter-drone systems, exploding drones and ammunition, per a US official in discussions with Reuters.

After months of reports of deteriorating American weapons stockpiles, and sharp munition shortages among the US’s NATO satrapies as well, these funds have been authorized under the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative (USAI) program. Put simply,  this allows the Biden regime to purchase weapons from the arms industry and not directly draw weapons from Pentagon stocks.

The report added: “Also included are two different types of loitering munitions, the Phoenix Ghost drone made by AVEVEX, a private company in California, and the Switchblade, made by AeroVironment Inc.”

On that same day, billionaire magnate Elon Musk responded to the Reuters headline, “Would be nice for the public to have some clue how the money is spent!”

Musk’s comments come in the wake of growing unease about the lack of oversight used when it comes to the billions of financial aid and weapons sent to Ukraine. The neoconservative/neoliberal interventionist crowd in DC have successfully scuttled attempts to bring more accountability and oversight to the Ukraine aid process. 

Tyler Durden of ZeroHedge noted that “Over the last year, there have been multiple reports alleging as well as documenting that foreign arms meant for Ukraine have shown up as far away as Scandinavia countries and even more recently the Middle East” demonstrating the reckless nature of the aid being deployed to Ukraine. 

This is what happens when governments are given massive powers with regards to conducting foreign policy. Let’s be honest here: Sending military aid to Ukraine will not change the outcome of this conflict. Ukraine will lose owing to the manpower and technological disadvantage it has in comparison to Russia.

The U.S. Empire will have to collapse for peace to be restored in the world.

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