Sen. Kyrsten Sinema Censured By Arizona Democrats Over Pro-Filibuster Stance

The executive board of the Arizona Democrat Party voted Saturday to censure Senator Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) over her refusal to aid in overturning the filibuster.

Opposition to changes in the Senate filibuster predominantly came from Sinema, Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV), and the Senate GOP. The stopping of the bill also prevents the Democrats from advancing the Biden administration’s radical “voting rights” agenda that seeks to federalize elections and lessen voter ID requirements, among other things.

Sinema’s decision to uphold an American tradition meant to keep one political party from dominating the entire nation was not met kindly by fellow democrats.

“I want to be clear, the Arizona Democratic Party is a diverse coalition with plenty of room for policy disagreements, however on the matter of the filibuster and the urgency to protect voting rights, we have been crystal clear,” Arizona Democrat Party Chair Raquel Terán said in a statement, also suggesting that Republicans have attempted to violate the right to vote both in Arizona and nationwide. “In the choice between an archaic legislative norm and protecting Arizonans’ right to vote, we choose the latter, and we always will,” the progressive party chair added.

“While we take no pleasure in this announcement, the ADP Executive Board has decided to formally censure Senator Sinema as a result of her failure to do whatever it takes to ensure the health of our democracy,” Terán stated.

Sinema spokesperson Hanna Hurley did not back down.

“During three terms in the U.S. House, and now in the Senate, Kyrsten has always promised Arizonans she would be an independent voice for the state — not for either political party,” Hurley said in response to criticisms.

“She’s delivered for Arizonans and has always been honest about where she stands,” the senator’s office told Fox News.

Sinema herself has also maintained that she will not budge on keeping the filibuster during a passionate speech on the Senate floor last week.

“[W]hile I continue to support these bills, I will not support separate actions that worsen the underlying disease of division affecting our country,” stated Sinema unapologetically.

Democrats have been incensed by Sinema’s decision to stand strong and have in many cases even called violence against the Arizona senator. Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich (D) decided to join in on the fun when he wrote: “Tonight, Republican senators lined up to shake Kyrsten Sinema’s hand. Democratic senators should have given her the backs of their hands.”

It was also just a couple of months ago when several far-left students decided to chase Senator Sinema into a bathroom stall following her appearance at an Arizona State University function.

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