Sen. Rand Paul BLASTS Ukrainian President Zelensky: They ‘Banned the Political Parties…It’s a Corrupt Regime’

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) appeared on Fox Business last week where he slammed Ukrainian globalist regime for its rank hypocrisy in committing atrocities against its own people.

“Ukraine banned the political parties, they’ve invaded churches, they’ve arrested priests, so no, it isn’t a democracy, it’s a corrupt regime,” Paul said while appearing on “Mornings with Maria.”

Paul was asked about journalist Gonzalo Lira who is being detained indefinitely in Ukraine for reporting the truth on his popular YouTube channel. For reporting the truth, Lira was deemed an enemy of the state and thrown in prison. Paul responded by denouncing the authoritarian behavior of Ukrainian figurehead Volodymyr Zelensky.

“What kind of democracy has no election? So next year, Zelensky said he is not going to have an election because it would be inconvenient during the war and would be expensive. Well, the thing is if you don’t have elections, why in the world would we be supporting a country that is not a democracy?” Paul asked.

“We don’t always have to pick some side to be on,” Paul said, noting his belief that the Russians are even “worse” than the Ukrainians in this conflict. “But the ultimate reason I’m against this is we don’t have the money, and when we borrow more money, it leads to more inflation, it leads to more likelihood of recession in our country so we just can’t keep doing it.

The clip can be seen here:

Big League Politics reported about the tragic news of journalist Gonzalo Lira’s indefinite detention in Ukraine:

Journalist Gonzalo Lira is behind bars for reporting the truth about the war in Ukraine, the U.S. State Department has confirmed.

Lira was jailed in May in Ukraine after officials stated he had “justified the Russian invasion” with his popular YouTube reporting about the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Lira made a video after he was granted bail in July stating that he was going to flee the country, pleading with another nation to grant him asylum. Lira’s escape plans were ultimately unsuccessful, and he remains behind bars.

“We are aware of the detention of Mr. Lira in Ukraine. We take our role in assisting US citizens abroad seriously and are providing all appropriate assistance,” a State Department spokesperson said to Breitbart News on Tuesday.

“We are monitoring the situation but have no further comment at this time. We reiterate our message that US citizens should not travel to Ukraine due to the active armed conflict,” the spokesperson stated.

Sen. Paul is one of the few people to take a reasonable position on the Ukraine conflict, wishing to put America First when conducting foreign affairs

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