Sen. Rand Paul Probes the NSA Over Illegal Unmasking and Leaking of Tucker Carlson’s Private Communications

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) is probing the National Security Agency (NSA) after the anti-constitutional snooping agency spied on the private communications of Fox News host Tucker Carlson and leaked them to reporters.

Paul sent a letter to Gen. Paul Nakasone, who is currently leading the NSA, demanding answers after Carlson demonstrated on his program that his private communications were leaked by the spying giant.

“Mr. Carlson is a journalist, who currently hosts the popular news program Tucker Carlson Tonight, and as such he is to be afforded the freedom of the press protections guaranteed by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution,” said Paul in his letter. 

“As you are undoubtedly aware, Mr. Carlson recently alleged on his television show that the NSA not only read his private emails relating to his attempt to interview Russian President Vladimir Putin, but also that the NSA unmasked his identity and leaked his private emails, which identified him by name, to others in the press,” he continued.

“I am open-minded enough to believe, if given convincing evidence, that the NSA may be telling the truth, but when a long train of abuses conducted by the NSA evinces a consistent design to evade the law and violate the constitutionally-protected liberties of the people, the NSA must do more than tweet a carefully worded denial to be trusted,” Paul added.

Paul is demanding actual proof from the NSA to show they did not leak Carlson’s private information in order to restore public faith with the entity that has already been caught violating the 4th Amendment of the Constitution countless times.

“As the head of the NSA, you can help restore credibility to your agency by being completely honest with the American people and explaining in detail whether the NSA conducted surveillance on Tucker Carlson in his role as a journalist, whether you or anyone else within the federal government approved his alleged unmasking, and whether Mr. Carlson’s private emails were shared with any other reporters or news organizations,” he said.

Big League Politics has reported on how the NSA leaked Carlson’s private correspondence with Russian President Vladimir Putin in an attempt to paint him as a Russian collaborator:

Renegade left-wing journalist Glenn Greenwald appeared on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Live on Wednesday night where he discussed the implication of the news that the National Security Agency (NSA) leaked Carlson’s communications with regards to Russia.

Carlson had reached out to Russian President Vladimir Putin for a potential interview, something that other popular media figures have done in the past. Carlson has obtained evidence showing that the NSA leaked these details to left-wing reporters as part of a smear campaign meant to impugn his reputation. Greenwald believes that the NSA committed a criminal act with these leaks, either intentionally or unintentionally.

“There was either a failure to hide your identity as required by law which is illegal, or an attempt to unmask it after it was minimized which is also a crime given that there’s no national security justification for doing it,” Greenwald said.

“It is one of the gravest crimes in the U.S. code for the NSA to leak the contents of communications that it intercepts between a foreign official and an American citizen,” he added.

Greenwald explained how the deep state leaked information to the Washington Post in order to implicate General Michael Flynn in 2017, and how the fake news hacks looked the other way because they wanted to damage the incoming Trump administration.

“That’s the reaction here, ‘Oh, it’s Tucker Carlson, he’s a conservative, we don’t like him, and so we don’t even care if the NSA was doing this,’ but it is illegal,” Greenwald said.

Greenwald also brought up a years-old clip of MSNBC host Rachel Maddow with Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) where the swampy lawmaker admitted that the intelligence community destroys anyone in Congress who doesn’t bow to their illicit agenda.”

Paul is doing what most Republicans do not have the courage to do, and that is hold the deep state accountable. He must continue demanding answers about this outrageous act by the NSA until they are fully exposed and disgraced to the American public.

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