Senate Republicans are Looking to Get Rid Of Welfare-Dependent Immigration

Republicans in the United States are looking to scrap the Biden regime’s welfare-dependent legal immigration influx to the United States, per a report by John Binder of Breitbart News. This development has come about as a result of President Joe Biden’s decision to scrap former President Donald Trump’s regulations that made it more difficult for foreign nationals dependent on welfare to obtain green cards. 

Back in early 2020, the Trump administration crafted a federal regulation —“public charge” rule— that made it more difficult for foreign nationals to obtain green cards if they had previously been on welfare programs such as food stamps, Medicaid, or taxpayer-funded housing.

Upon being installed in office,  Biden scrapped Trump’s public charge rule, which has opened the floodgates to welfare-dependent immigration to the US — all on the taxpayer dime. 

Kansas Senator Roger Marshall has led the charge by reintroducing a resolution to restore the public charge rule to its Trump era version. 

“… it is fair and sensible to favor prospective new citizens who will not be reliant on government benefits,” Marshall declared in a statement.

“We have millions of our own American citizens without health insurance and receiving SNAP benefits, as well as hundreds of thousands sleeping on the streets at night,” Texas Congressman Troy Nehls, who filed a companion version of this bill in the House, declared. “Instead of making it a priority to find our own citizens homes, meals, and health insurance, Joe Biden continues to exacerbate the issue.“ 

The welfare aspect of mass migration cannot be overlooked. In 2017,

The National Academies of Science highlighted that state and local taxpayers must cough up roughly $1,600 annually per immigrant to pay for their welfare benefits. In addition, this report noted that foreign-born households consume 33% more cash welfare than native-born households in America.

Similarly, the Center for Immigration Studies published a study that highlighted how roughly 63% of non-US citizen immigrant households use at least one form of public welfare, whereas only about 35% of native-born American households are on welfare.

With the US national debt at nearly $32 trillion, adding mass migration — legal and illegal — into the mix will just put the country on an accelerated path to fiscal collapse. Should Republicans ever achieve a trifecta at the federal level, they must completely clamp down on mass migration. If not, the US could experience an unprecedented socio-economic collapse that the Founding Fathers could have never envisioned.

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