Senator Angus King is Working to Craft Gun Control Measures for So-Called “Assault Rifles”

According to a report by The Portland Press Herald, Maine Senator Angus King is working on legislation that would implement stringent restrictions on so-called “assault rifles.”

King has pursued this action in the wake of a mass shooting that took place in Lewiston, Maine, where a deranged gunman shot and killed 18 people. 

The report highlighted that King is not ready to unveil details about his gun control legislation. 

The Herald highlighted how King’s aim is to “ban the most dangerous and lethal aspects of military-style assault rifles.” King offered a sneak preview into what these “aspects” of certain firearms might be when he went on an interview with KTLA where he said, “I want to do what’ll work and to me, the most clear danger are these high capacity magazines.”

He added, “High capacity magazines. That’s what enables a shooter in a case like this to just keep on shooting.”

King’s Senate counterpart in Maine. Susan Collins, is also in favor of prohibiting “high capacity” magazines.

Collins was quoted by Politico commenting, “We had an assault weapon ban, which I supported, that was in effect for 10 years. It applied to, I believe, 17 or 19 styles of weapons. Later, the late Sen. Dianne Feinstein proposed an expansion that would have covered 157 weapons. And it was based not on functionality, but on cosmetic features.”

She continued, “I think it is more important that we ban very high capacity magazines. I think that would have more input [sic] and more effectiveness.”

Gun control won’t stop mass shootings no matter how much Gun Control Inc screams about it. If anything, such measures will only limit lawful people’s ability to defend themselves against deranged gunmen. 

There are lots unhinged people out on the American streets thanks to the political class’s decisions to gut mental health institutions over the last few decades. Restoring these kinds of institutions will do more to stop gun violence than passing arbitrary gun control measures.

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