Senator Ron Johnson Leads Effort To Examine Irregularities in November’s Election

Just one day after Senate Leader Mitch McConnell acknowledged former Vice President Joe Biden as the President-elect, the Senate Homeland and Government Affairs Committee held a hearing on Wednesday to discuss and examine possible fraud and irregularities in the November 2020 presidential election.

Committee Chairman Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) called the hearing to “resolve suspicions with full transparency and public awareness.”

In his opening statement Johnson said he believes the alleged election irregularities can be organized into three categories: lack of enforcement or violation of election laws and controls, allegations of fraudulent votes and ballot stuffing and corruption of voting machines and software that might be programed to add or switch votes.

“The most difficult allegations to assess involve vulnerabilities in voting machines and the software used,” said Johnson during his opening statement. “In order to effectively determine the extent to which voting machines were subject to nefarious intrusion or other vulnerabilities, computer science experts must be given the opportunity to examine these allegations,” he continued.

Johnson went on to cite letters from the Democratic members on the committee that questioned the safety and security of Dominion Voting System machines.

Johnson did not say he was trying to dispute the outcome, but is looking to answer the question of “whether the level of fraud would alter the election.”

“This year, in dozens of court cases, through the certification process in each state and by the Electoral College vote, the conclusion has collectively been reached that it would not,” he said.

A heated moment happened during the hearing when Chairman Johnson exposed Senator Gary Peters (D-MI) for leaking lies to the press about the hoax Steele Dossier: “You lied repeatedly. I told you to stop lying, and you continued to do it … What you’ve done to this committee — falsely accusing the chairman of spreading disinformation.”


As this is a ongoing hearing this story will be updated…

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