Seth Meyers Writer to White People: ‘Get Your Pasty A** Back on the Mayflower and Go Home

A writer for Late Night with Seth Meyers, possibly the least funny late night television show in history, used four minutes of air time to rant about the latest episode of Roseanne, pegging the show – and the rest of America – as “racist.”


“Roseanne is back and better than ever – at being racist,” said Amber Ruffin. “In this tired-a** episode, she has Muslim neighbors and she thinks they’re terrorists until they give her their WiFi password, and then she decides that they’re okay and saves them from a different racist person, proving that she is no longer racist.”

Needless to say, Roseanne is a sitcom, not a documentary. It is not to meant portray how people act in the real world. Quite the opposite, actually. This particular episode of the show was designed to be tongue-in-cheek, and to poke fun at people who harbor racial stereotypes. That was the whole point.

That point is lost on Ruffin, though, who went on to speculate what would have happened in the fictional world of a fictional television show had Roseanne’s fictional Muslim neighbors not given her their fictional WiFi password.

“What would have happened in this episode if they had been mean to her, as was their right to do?” Ruffin asked. “She’d have called the cops and they’d have gone to jail, that’s what!”

Then, Ruffin went on to describe how this episode coincides with three instances of apparent “racism” that have occurred in America recently – though Ruffin does not give the viewer background on any of the events. She declares the events to be racist, and thus they must be so. In one instance, a white woman apparently called the police on two Native American teenagers who were taking a college tour.

“[The woman] didn’t think they looked like they belonged there,” Ruffin screeched. “They’re Native Americans standing in America. They’re the only people who do belong there! If you want to get rid of people who don’t belong here, get your pasty a** back on the Mayflower and go home!”

Someone should alert the nitwits at Late Night with Seth Meyers that most Americans, no matter their race, do not have a lineage that traces back to the Mayflower. But why would Ruffin bother with facts while she’s making sweeping generalizations about an entire race?

“White people call the police on us when we’re not polite,” Ruffin continued. “But politeness is not the rent we pay to live in this country. Slavery was. And we paid that rent in full.”

“It is asking too much of black people to live under all of this oppression and also make you feel comfortable,” she said.

The segment is confusing. Who is demanding to feel comfortable all of the time? What oppression is Ruffin facing? She offers no concrete examples, just general platitudes. Predictably, Ruffin ends by blaming this “pervasive” attitude on President Trump.

It is also a perfect demonstration of how late night comedy has devolved into dumbed down political propaganda for the non-thinking masses.

“The Social Justice Hour with Seth Meyers” would be a far more accurate title for the show.

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