Several Individuals Were Arrested for Stealing Confederate Monument

Two individuals suspected of stealing a Confederate monument from a cemetery in Alabama were recently arrested in New Orleans.

According to Insider, a third individual remains at large for the theft of the monument, which is estimated to be worth $500,000. 

WWLTV reported that the Jefferson Davis Memorial Chair was robbed from Old Live Oak Cemetery in Selma, Alabama last month. Per the report, Davis’ concrete chair was found in New Orleans on April 8, 2021 upon authorities receiving a tip about the monument.

The chair was eventually returned to the owners, the United Daughters of Confederacy’s Chapter 53. It ended up back in their hands without damage.

New Orleans police arrested two suspects, Stanley Warnick and Kathryn Diionno, who were charged with “possession of stolen property.” Initially, a group called “White Lies Matter” took credit for the monument removal, however the legal counsel for the suspected robbers insisted that they’re not connected to any organization. The third suspect, Stanley Pate, remains at large. 

“They are small business owners and community members. They are, if anything, themselves victims of mistakes of fact that have led to this unfortunate situation,” the attorneys said to CNN. “They look forward to clearing their names and disassociating their names from any criminal activity.”

CNN reported that Warnick and Diiono were released on bail. In all likelihood, they will be given a slap on the wrist. In an America fully ensconced in cultural degeneracy, attacks on American history always seem to be given a pass. 

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