Several Missouri Cities Want to Undermine the State’s Preemption Laws

Several Missouri political figures want to undermine the state’s preemption laws which prevent municipal and county governments from passing gun control measures that are stronger than state gun control laws.

Anti-gun nonprofit Sensible Missouri is currently aiming to put forth a constitutional amendment that would grant counties the power to pass their own gun control regulations that determine who can access and carry firearms. This amendment would be placed on the ballot in November 2024 and would let voters decide if counties and St. Louis can craft their own gun control measures. 

Missouri currently has constitutional carry on the books, where any lawful individual can open or concealed carry a firearm without having to beg the government for permission. 

There is clearly opposition to this law from Republicans who believe that such a ballot initiative, if passed, could create a confusing pathwork of gun control laws that would result in the deprivation of gun rights of lawful Missourians. 

Should the Secretary of State, the attorney general, and the auditor approve this ballot initiative, the non-profit organization needs to pick up over 171,000 valid signatures from registered voters in Missouri by May 2024 so that the issue be on the ballot in November 2024. 

Such a measure would undermine the substantial progress Missouri has made in the past decade. According to Guns & Ammo magazine’s best states for gun owner rankings, Missouri is ranked in 17th place. It’s in a solid place but it still needs to work on its gun control laws.  

Undoubtedly, passing such an initiative would hurt Missouri’s pro-gun image. Missouri gun owners need to stop such measures in their tracks if they want to preserve their state’s pro-gun character. 

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