SHAMEFUL: Apple is Lobbying to Undercut Law Condemning Chinese Slave Labor

The Washington Post reported over the weekend that tech company Apple is lobbying to undermine a law condemning China’s use of slave labor.

WaPo claimed that two congressional staffers are saying that Apple lobbyists are trying to undermine the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act. The Act, which passed the House of Representatives by 403-6 in September, audits importers and tech companies for potential use of Uyghur slave labor in China.

China’s persecution of its Turkic Muslim Uyghur minority is well known, with some observers speculating that the mercantile-Communist nation has moved up to a million Uyghurs to detainment camps in the Xinjang province.

Many have questioned whether Apple itself is benefiting from the use of forced Uyghur labor. Lobbying company Fierce Government relations has accepted $90,000 from the company to lobby against anti-China legislation, the Daily Caller reported on Saturday.

Apple has utilized Chinese government-run enterprises to manufacture its products for years. Global criticism of China and damage to its reputation has led the $2 trillion company to consider moving some of its manufacturing to India, a country globalist oligarchs are increasingly looking towards as a reservoir of cheap labor for outsourcing purposes.

Globalist monopolies such as Apple don’t compete within a “free market.” They secure access to governmental power in American and abroad and ruthlessly use it to their advantage.

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