SHAMEFUL: Fake News Media Attacks Woman Who Accused Joe Biden of Sexual Assault

The fake news media trumpeted the “believe all women” narrative when it hurt Republicans like Roy Moore and Brett Kavanaugh, but when it comes to former Vice President Joe Biden, it is a different standard entirely.

The Washington Post published a disgraceful article on Easter Sunday throwing alleged victim Tara Reade under the bus for filing a criminal complaint accusing Biden of sexually assaulting her while he served as a Senator in the 1990s.

The Post claimed that Reade had said that “Biden had touched her neck and shoulders but did not mention the alleged assault or suggest there was more to the story” during her interview with the paper. Reade reportedly alleged in her criminal complaint that Biden penetrated her with his fingers against her will.

They also noted that she “twice voted for the Obama-Biden ticket” before becoming a “vocal supporter of Biden’s former rival Bernie Sanders.” They also claimed that the Trump campaign “sought to inject Reade’s allegation into the presidential campaign on Saturday by accusing the media on Twitter of not covering it.”

They also claimed that although Biden has frequently been accused of “unwanted hugging and other physical contact,” they “found no other allegations against him as serious as Reade’s.” They instead made the article about President Donald Trump, who they claim has been accused of “forced kissing, groping or sexual assault” by “more than a dozen women.”

The Post also asked Reade for invasive personal information likely so they could scrutinize it and shame her further for coming out with her truth.

“Reade said she told a therapist earlier this year about the alleged assault. The Post asked Reade for the therapist’s notes of that conversation, but she has not produced them,” they wrote.

They published denials from long-time Biden staffers and associates to further their attempt to discredit Reade’s testimony.

“In all my years working for Sen. Biden, I never once witnessed, or heard of, or received, any reports of inappropriate conduct, period — not from Ms. Reade, not from anyone,” said Marianne Baker, who was an executive assistant in Sen. Biden’s office.

“I have absolutely no knowledge or memory of Ms. Reade’s accounting of events, which would have left a searing impression on me as a woman professional, and as a manager. These clearly false allegations are in complete contradiction to both the inner workings of our Senate office and to the man I know and worked so closely with for almost two decades,” she added.

“I would remember something like this if it ever came up,” said Dennis Toner, a former deputy chief of staff under Sen. Biden who is now a Delaware-based consultant. “I think it’s an outrageous accusation that’s totally untrue.”

“It never came up. And I sure would have remembered if it did,” said Ted Kaufman, who formerly worked as chief of staff under Sen. Biden.

The Post’s demonization of this accuser was so heavy-handed that even far-left Hollywood liberals like Rose McGowan are calling out the extreme hypocrisy of the fake news rag:

The fake news has made a mockery of the #MeToo movement by refusing to give all women the benefit of the doubt due to their extreme partisan bias in favor of the Democrats.

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