SHAMEFUL: MSM Drags Victim Who Told Her Truth About Biden Sexual Assault Through the Mud

After claiming for years that all women must be believed when they make sexual assault claims against powerful men, the fake news is now throwing Tara Reade under the bus because she dared to tell her truth about former Vice President Joe Biden.

The fake news is in spin mode to destroy Reade’s reputation, finding people from her past to malign her good name publicly in an attempt to shame her into silence.

Politico produced a particularly heinous hit piece against Reade containing allegations that she is a serial liar.

“She was manipulative,” said 79-year-old Harriet Wrye, who is a self-described feminist author and psychologist. “She was always saying she was going to get it together, but she couldn’t. And ‘could you help her’?”

“You can use these words: manipulative, deceitful, user,” said lawyer Kelly Klett, who reportedly rented a room to Reade two years ago. “Looking back at it all now, that is exactly how I view her and how I feel about her.”

Austin Chung, a real estate investor based in California, claimed Reade was a poor renter and he had to evict her as a result.

“She knew exactly what she had done to me and there was no remorse. I knew there was never a chance I’d get my money back,” he said.

“Did she think that all of the people she ran over would just roll over and die and forget about her? No. I recognize her face,” said Chung, indicating his ax to grind against Reade.

Lynn Hummer, a horse sanctuary owner where Reade used to volunteer, produced private e-mails to Politico in an attempt to denigrate Reade.

“She has a problem,” Hummer said of Reade, who she describes as “very clever, manipulative. … I do think she’s a liar.”

Reade has threatened Hummer with a defamation lawsuit due to her campaign to destroy her reputation in the press.

Reade’s attorney Douglas Wigdor made the point to Politico that the mainstream media’s public destruction of his client will discourage other victims from coming forward and speaking their truth.

“If the assertion is that someone who has lied to their landlord because they don’t have the money to pay rent so then they lied about a sexual assault, I don’t think that is fair journalism,” Wigdor said.

The fake news has made a complete mockery of the #MeToo movement with their biased coverage of Reade, as they desperately try to protect Biden’s presidential ambitions.

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