SHAMEFUL: Never Trumper Ben Shapiro Quotes a Nazi to Smear ‘America First’ Patriots

Neoconservative pundit Ben Shapiro blasted “America First” patriots as racists and anti-Semites during a speech he gave at Stanford University last night, where he borrowed themes from failed Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s infamous “Basket of Deplorables” speech.

Shapiro picked the most racist quotes he could find, refusing to attribute them to any one specific source, in order to denigrate “America First” conservatives during his speech, even quoting testimony from a Nazi killer in one instance to back up his point.

The clip can be seen here:

Shapiro also echoed the sentiments of David French, a fellow Never Trumper, in arguing that the LGBT movement’s “Drag Queen Story Hour” pedo-grooming events should be permitted in public libraries, and to ban them would somehow be a betrayal of conservative values.

While Shapiro was – as usual – talking out of both sides of his mouth, it is clear that he has capitulated on key issues in recent years. Conservative Inc. is throwing in the towel on border security and mass immigration, and Shapiro has received his orders to push the propaganda in favor of flooding America with the third world.

While Shapiro claims his opponents are like the radical Left, he regularly appropriates their rhetoric in order to attack opponents on the Right who are not owned by Conservative Inc. The opening of his Stanford speech last night sounds like it could have been recited by Hillary Clinton about Trump supporters.

“No one should have any illusions about what’s really going on here. The names may have changed… Racists now call themselves “racialists.” White supremacists now call themselves “white nationalists.” The paranoid fringe now calls itself “alt-right.” But the hate burns just as bright,” Clinton said in a 2016 speech. “And now Trump is trying to rebrand himself as well. Don’t be fooled.”

Around the same time that Clinton made her speech, Shapiro echoed Clinton’s talking points and smeared a list of individuals and entities as “alt-right,” including Donald Trump as well as Ron Paul, Pat Buchanan, Mike Cernovich, Alex Jones, and Breitbart News.

Shapiro has stood against the “America First” philosophy ever since Trump started running for office, lecturing patriotic Americans that it is wrong for them to stand for their country and their people.

“If you want America to succeed because America is based on a matchless idea of human freedom and the governmental checks and balances that maintain it, that’s one thing; if you want America to succeed because you believe there is some superiority that attaches to those born within our borders, that’s something else entirely. And when you attach Constitution-less “America first” philosophy to zero-sum, conspiratorial economics and politics, all that’s left is to identify an enemy to blame,” Shapiro wrote in a 2016 op/ed blaming Trump for the rise of anti-semitism.

“Trumpism breeds conspiracism; conspiracism breeds anti-Semitism. Trump is happy to channel the support of anti-Semites to his own ends,” Shapiro wrote, before adding his hope that “anti-Semitism on the right” would “slink back beneath its rock when Trump is defeated.”

Once a Never Trumper, always a Never Trumper. There may be no more pernicious and subversive enemy to President Trump’s MAGA agenda than this weaselly globalist neocon.

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