Sheriff Lombardo a NO SHOW At Meet The Candidates Forum

Residents in Clark County, Nevada will have a chance in the coming weeks to decide whether or not Sheriff Lombardo is fit to serve another term as Clark County Sheriff, but it appears that even on the campaign trail, he has no interest in what members of his community think or say.

On Thursday, May 24, 2018, candidates running for Clark County Sheriff participated in a “meet the candidate forum” at Green Valley Range, 175 Cassia Way, in preparation for the upcoming election, and to nobody’s surprise, Sheriff Lombardo was a no show.

Of the five candidates running for Sheriff, only three showed up to answer questions about gun control and immigration. One would think that Lombardo, who has been embroiled in continuous controversy and scandal while serving as Sheriff would want to speak on topics important to his constituents, but Lombardo, who has a pattern of hiding from the press and dodging questions, decided to not show up.

Panelists who did show up include former North Las Vegas police officer Tim Bedwell, detective Matt Caldwell and former LVMPD detective Gordon Martines, all of whom eagerly answered questions from members of the audience.

While Lombardo didn’t provide a reason for why he didn’t show up, it may be because he is currently involved in controversy surrounding both topics of guns and immigration. It has been eight months since the Las Vegas shooting, in which 58 people were shot and killed at the Route 91 Country Music Festival in Las Vegas, and eight months later, Lombardo has still not provided answers or a motive regarding why it happened.

In April, Lombardo got caught up in yet another scandal when it was revealed that he had been covering up a string of MS13 gang murders in Las Vegas that were committed by illegal immigrants. After being exposed for covering up brutal gang murders, Lombardo was forced to hold a press conference and address the rising presence of MS13 in the Las Vegas community, yet he chose to not release the identities of the illegal immigrant MS13 killers who were taken into custody for murdering Las Vegas locals, effectively protecting the identity of murderous killer invaders.

A source within LVMPD told this reporter that Lombardo is also embarrassed over the fact that majority of the officers within LVMPD and the Las Vegas Police Association refused to endorse him for Sheriff, adding, “he is quickly realizing that most people don’t like him and for that reason, it’s nota good idea for him to show his face in public because so many people are angry with him about the Las Vegas shooting. He knows he doesn’t have a great chance of winning.”

Sticking with his usual behavior, Lombardo once again hid from the media and public, choosing to not attend a forum and address topics of concern with full transparency. The same source within LVMPD told this reporter that Lombardo didn’t show up because it was rumored that investigative journalist Laura Loomer, who has been tirelessly investigating the Las Vegas Shooting, was going to show up and confront him about his mishandling of the shooting and MS13 gang murders.

Along with Sheriff Lombardo, candidate Greg Heiny was also absent from the forum. The primary for the election for Clark County Sheriff is June 12, 2018.

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