Sheriff’s Departments Refuse to Enforce Beto O’Rourke’s Gun Confiscation

At least three law enforcement agencies throughout the western United States have made it clear they plan to refuse to participate in the national rifle confiscation plan proposed by Democratic Presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke.

Sheriffs of Eddie County in New Mexico, Weld County in Colorado, and Kinney County in Texas have all rejected the draconian plan, which would force owners of semiautomatic AR-15 and AK-47 rifles to sell their guns to the government. O’Rourke finally admitted that law enforcement would be used to forcibly confiscate the rifles if owners refused to sell under his proposed program.

The Kinney County Sheriff’s Department rejected playing any role in a gun confiscation program in a Facebook post on Saturday, calling out the gun grab as an outright attack on the Second Amendment.

New Mexico and Colorado Sheriffs also went on the record opposing any cooperation with the program in a TownHall article, calling out the Texas Democrat for his downright unAmerican proposal.

Sheriff Mark Cage said he’s “not sure whether [Beto’s] statements are naive or just plain ignorant and arrogant. Maybe it’s all three.” He stated that bloodshed would be inevitable if Beto were to win power and try to act upon his gun confiscation proposal.

It seems clear that Beto is fine with putting law enforcement in harm’s way, provided they were actually to follow federal directives to seize the legally owned firearms of American citizens. After avoiding giving a concrete answer on his plans to enforce the proposal, Beto finally admitted that local cops would be tasked with “recovering” guns.

In the extremely unlikely event that the Texas Democrat’s floundering presidential campaign were to pull off a victory, at least American gun owners can rest assured that at least a few local sheriff’s departments will refuse to participate in any draconian gun grab operation.

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