Shock: Buttigieg Promotes Electric Cars and Public Transportation In Response To High Gas Prices

Pete Buttigieg Trump Supporters Committed Racists

Pete Buttigieg promoted electric cars on Monday as a solution to Americans reeling from high prices at the pump. He also pushed Americans to take public transportation.

In a demeaning speech on Monday, Buttigieg suggested “Clean transportation can bring significant cost savings for the American people as well,” promoting Biden’s $5 billion plan to bolster America’s electric charging network.

Instead of announcing a return to America’s energy independence, Buttigieg doubled down on the dismal policies of Biden-Harris, “So the people from rural, to suburban, to urban communities can all benefit from the gas savings of driving an EV,” he said. The failed presidential candidate spoke at The White House with Kamala Harris to promote clean transportation after the average cost of gas spiked over $4 a gallon over the weekend.

Buttigieg took the typical leftist position of doubling down on climate change rhetoric instead of addressing the real elephant in the room. “In our economy, transportation is the single biggest contributor to climate change,” he said disapprovingly. As Breitbart News reported, “He promoted the Biden administration’s effort to convert public transit to electric buses and encouraged all Americans to ride buses instead of driving to reduce pollution.

“One of our best tools for doing that is public transit; transit gets riders for where they need to be efficiently and affordably with far less pollution from driving,” he said, asserting that electric buses “don’t pollute at all.

Buttigieg is just reiterating a position Biden has long taken, that is that Americans ought to buy an electric vehicle. There is nothing novel in this speech. Biden’s administration is just showing their lack of willingness to return to energy independence the way America had under President Trump. Instead they will continue to undo all the policies President Trump effectively implemented.

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