SHOCK: Cher Comes out Against Illegal Immigration and Sanctuary Cities

Legendary actress and singer Cher criticized the city of Los Angeles’ Sanctuary City policies in a tweet on Sunday.

Cher possibly represents the most famous celebrity to speak out against the lax and weak immigration policies in place in California. Los Angeles, the state’s biggest city, embraces a policy of refusal to cooperate with federal immigration authorities.

Judging from the legendary entertainer’s tweet, the City’s open-door policy may be losing support, even among the area’s progressive and liberal electorate.

Cher’s denunciation of the City’s generous policies towards migrants comes with a touch of irony, however. Many liberals and progressives who nominally support Los Angeles’ sanctuary city policies consider themselves to be above actually accommodating the illegal immigrants who tend to flock to sanctuary municipalities. The celebrities and wealthy individuals who live in progressive enclaves such as Malibu, California, are thoroughly insulated from the negative consequences of mass immigration.

While Cher deserves credit for assessing Los Angeles’ sanctuary policies critically, it’d be all the more meaningful if she were to connect the dots and call out governmental policies along municipal, state and federal lines that encourage mass-scale illegal immigration.

Some progressives weren’t too happy to see the icon of gay culture raise a point not dissimilar to the political platform of President Trump. It wouldn’t be easy to unperson a singer and actress with decades of movie and music credits overnight, but you can expect incensed progressives to try regardless.

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