SHOCK VIDEO: Footage of MASSIVE Explosion in Russia Surfaces, Residents Evacuated

Stunning footage of a massive explosion in Southern Russia emerged on Tuesday. 

Sources indicate the blast took place at the ammunition depot of a military base near the Siberian city of Achinsk. Video of the explosion revealed a massive shockwave resonating through the sky, followed by a great cloud of black smoke.

Watch the video of the blast here:

Reports indicate that the mayor of Achinsk has already evacuated more than 10,000 residents from the area in the aftermath of the event, and the more than 100,000 people of the nearby city have been told to prepare for any necessary evacuations should they be required.

The Russian ministry of defense stated that ongoing wildfires in the rural and sparsely populated region of central Russia led to the massive detonation of ammunition at the Ural-14 ammunition depot.

No one appears to have been killed, and sources claim that eight people were injured by the considerable seismic event.

Russia possesses one of the world’s most well-stocked inventories of military equipment and bombs, dating back to the country’s days as a superpower as the leading republic of the Soviet Union. Much of the sophisticated military equipment dating from the Soviet era has been improperly secured, leading to hazardous events in many cases not entirely unlike the Achinsk explosion.


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