SHOCKER: Conservative Think Tank Attacks Biden Regime’s Welfare Handouts to Ukraine

Victoria Coates, the Vice President of the Heritage Foundation,  declared in a video posted on August 25, 2023 that “It’s time to end the blank, undated checks for Ukraine.” 

In the video, Coates noted that the “Biden administration has dropped yet another $40 billion supplemental request to Congress for more funding. In this case with $24 billion in it for the war in Ukraine, which will be on top of the $113 billion already committed by American taxpayers to this European war making us exponentially the largest donor.”

Even more insidious is how the Biden regime is demanding that US taxpayers fork over their money to support the proxy war in Ukraine so that the federal government can also help out victims in the recent set of wildfires in Hawaii. If they don’t support this Ukraine aid package, none of the wildfire victims will receive aid due to these two spending projects being attached to the same bill. 

Coates described this spending program as “completely irrational and wrong” that it “needs to end now.” She concluded, “If the administration can’t see how outrageous this is, Congress is going to have to take a stand and put a stop to this.” 

It’s good to see that even among the most prominent organizations in Conservatism Inc there is growing dissent about the proxy war in Ukraine. The Heritage Foundation has historically been a major booster of the military-industrial complex and perpetual wars. 

However, there may be a select number of conservative officials who recognize that the US is on the cusp of major decline both domestically and internationally. As a result, they are now rethinking policies, such as the proxy war in Ukraine, that could fatally overstretch the American empire. 

Hopefully, more conservatives follow suit and begin questioning the prevailing foreign policy that has put American taxpayers on the hook for trillions of dollars. The neoconservative status quo is simply unsustainable. 

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