SHOCKER: Western Officials Reveal to CNN That Ukraine’s Counteroffensive is failing

In an article published on August 8, 2023, a Western official said to CNN that its highly unlikely that Ukraine make significant progress in its highly-touted counteroffensive that is supposed to turn the tide against Russia in the Russo-Ukrainian conflict 

A Western official told CNN in an article published on August 8 that it’s “extremely” unlikely that Ukraine will make progress in its counteroffensive in the coming weeks that will alter the balance of the war with Russia.

“They’re still going to see, for the next couple of weeks, if there is a chance of making some progress. But for them to really make progress that would change the balance of this conflict, I think, it’s extremely, highly unlikely,” an senior Western diplomat, who maintained anonymity, stated.

Illinois Congressman Mike Quigley also spoke to CNN with regards to the counteroffensive and revealed that the briefings Congress has received on the counteroffensive are “sobering.” He declared that the situation was the “most difficult time of the war.”

Right before the counteroffensive, the notorious Discord leaks and media reports unveiled that American authorities did not believe Ukraine could recapture much territory. In a recent report by the Wall Street Journal, it was revealed that Western officials did not believe Ukraine had sufficient weapons or equipment to expel Russian forces. However, the Biden regime pushed for the counteroffensive regardless, as it discarded the concept of a ceasefire.

Ukraine is struggling to break through various layers of Russian defense, above all, large minefields. Per a Wall Street Journal report published on August 8, a Ukrainian platoon commander revealed that the Ukrainians are “demining the fields with bodies,” showcasing the massive body count. “It’s awful,” the platoon commander stated.

Another Western diplomat said to CNN that Ukraine hasn’t even passed Russia’s first defensive line. “Even if they would keep on fighting for the next several weeks, if they haven’t been able to make more breakthroughs throughout these last seven, eight weeks, what is the likelihood that they will suddenly, with more depleted forces, make them? Because the conditions are so hard,” the diplomat stated.

There’s clearly a new reality dawning on the political class that its misadventure in Ukraine is beginning to blow up in its face. Whether or not the highest echelons of the Biden regime get the memo is up in the air. More likely than not, they will continue this reckless geopolitical venture, consequences be damned.

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