SHOCKING NEW VIDEO Appears to Show Georgia Poll Workers Exchanging a USB Drive During Ballot Counting

A shocking video from the floor of a Georgia ballot processing center shows two poll workers passing around what appears to a USB drive while ballots were being counted.

One of the poll workers, trying to act sneaky, can be seen rifling through her pockets and passing what is presumably a USB drive to another worker.

The video, which is quickly going viral, can be seen here:

The Gateway Pundit has reported that they have identified the poll workers involved in this troublesome and potentially illegal behavior.

They have identified one of the individuals at the table working on ballots as Ruby Freeman. According to Freeman’s Facebook posts, her daughter Shaye was her supervisor and was the woman who allegedly handed off the USB drive to another individual.

Despite the overwhelming amount of evidence to indicate voter fraud, Georgia Republican officials have denied it consistently.

Big League Politics has reported on the collapse of the Georgia GOP because of the cowardly and complicit leadership from Governor Brian Kemp’s office:

President Donald Trump’s push against voter fraud in the state of Georgia is offending the state’s many RINO politicians who want to certify the fraud and move onto the senate races without so much as even improving the process.

“I do think the president and Republicans in general need to refine their approach to how we handle this post-election process,” Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan told CNN.

“I think there’s two parts that really are concerning to me,” he added. “One is the short term in the Senate election in making sure we don’t alienate any voters that we need to show up for Sen. [Kelly] Loeffler and Sen. [David] Perdue. And I think secondly, we run the risk of alienating voters longer term.”

Additionally, Duncan defended the reviled Governor Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, who have offered only perfunctory responses after a tidal wave of Democrat electoral improprieties in the state. Duncan called Kemp “steadfast and strong,” and he called Raffensperger “a rock star conservative [who] comes to work everyday and does the right thing.”

Duncan made it clear with his remarks to the fake news leader that he is culpable in the voter fraud, and he wants to silence the hundreds of whistleblowers who have put their necks on the line to attest to grotesque third-world style improprieties at every level.

“It troubles me that some folks are willing, just for the sole intent of flipping an election, of spreading misinformation,” Duncan said. “I think we’re better than this. My hope is that we move past this here in Georgia and as a country. Certainly there are some better days ahead of us than what we’re in right now.”

This is the biggest scandal in U.S. history, and if this fraud is not overturned, Big Brother will likely reign supreme over America for good.