SHOCKING VIDEO Shows How OnlyFans Drives Global Consumption of Child Pornography

A video exposé posted onto YouTube by the account Racy Beaver makes a strong case that OnlyFans, the social media platform that encourages young girls to post lewd sexual content of themselves to the internet for cash, is driving global consumption of child pornography.

The video starts with some damning statistics about Western culture and use of pornography before dovetailing into OnlyFans, which has turned a nation of porn consumers into porn creators exploiting themselves for money to a subscriber base of gawking perverts.

“If you consume pornography on an even semi-regular basis, with an estimated 45 million child pornography photos and videos circulating the internet right now, chances are likely that you’ve consumed child pornography without releasing it,” Racy Beaver said.

“That’s almost certainly the case if you’re a regular user of OnlyFans,” he contended.

The video argues that OnlyFans’ lax standards allows young girls to make a fake ID, begin posting illicit underage pornography of themselves on the platform, and then distribute it for money to predators. This could be considered a form of child sex trafficking, and it is one that is already extremely pervasive throughout society.

Racy Beaver cited a BBC study contending that “on a single day, a third of Twitter profiles globally advertising “nudes4sale” (or similar) appeared to belong to an underage individual and many of those used OnlyFans to share their content.” He also found Twitter accounts where young girls were selling nude pictures and bragging about how they used fake IDs to sell child porn on OnlyFans.

Twitter does not seem to have a problem with child porn being sold using their platform, and OnlyFans does not seem particularly concerned with stopping this exploitation either.

“All of the verified creators on OnlyFans are 18 years of age or older so you can be sure that all of the models on our site are 18 years of age or older, including the model you are referring to,” Grace from OnlyFans responded to Racy Beaver’s inquiry regarding an underage girl on Twitter bragging about using a fake ID to circumvent the platform’s age restrictions.

Furthermore, OnlyFans states that “there is no legal requirement or regulation to compel OnlyFans to scan content on its app for such material. All legal and potential criminal liability lies with the individual who uploads and/or receives/distributes said content.”

Racy Beaver also pointed out that the media and left-wing politicians are driving young women, who have been liberated from responsibility by modern egalitarian secular society, toward embracing sex work. He also noted that YouTube regularly permits testimonials from prostitutes encouraging other young girls into starting OnlyFans accounts and whoring themselves out for a buck.

He noted that the propaganda is working, as the global total of child porn videos and images has reportedly more than doubled year-over-year since 2019. Racy Beaver pointed out that frequent porn use can lead to individuals gravitating toward more extreme and violent content, including porn videos involving children or animals. He also connected the growth in child porn to the rise of the LGBT movement.

“The truth is porn is violently destructive to the human brain, particularly the male brain. It’s been shown to be very effective at pacifying young men, destroying motivation, and depleting energy by altering brain chemistry,” Racy Beaver said.

“Women who engage in prostitution, including the production of pornography on sites like OnlyFans, are far less likely to marry a man and remain married. They are more likely to have abortions, more likely to abuse drugs, and more likely to have fewer children in their lifetime,” he added.

The entire video can be seen here:

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