SHUTDOWN DAY 12: President Trump Goes To War For America First

President Donald Trump is in the prime of his presidency, finally comfortable enough to inflict his will on the Democrats clinging to their mainstream media talking points to deflect from their lack of strategy. Trump wants a border Wall, and the American people stand with him. Trump’s meeting with congressional leaders is scheduled for Wednesday, and the media is emphasizing that no press is allowed — apparently glad to advertise their own lack of access so long as it means Trump can’t ambush Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer again with another confrontation in front of photographers.

Trump’s shutdown is establishing a new order in Washington in which the executive branch is ascendant, thanks in large part to the quiet competence of chief of staff Mick Mulvaney. It is also establishing a new order in the administration, which Trump for two years has struggled to control amid establishment anti-Trump hires and power plays by conspiratorial Cabinet members. No longer will the president be pushed around. And no longer will his agenda go ignored.

Since Trump kicked off a new phase just recently, which coincided with the general time frame of Mulvaney’s appointment, he vowed to pull troops out of Syria (a move that is being undermined by Fox News neocon hero Lindsey Graham), he stood up to the Federal Reserve, he signed the Farm Bill, he signed a prison-reform bill that will give second chances to millions of people, and he created by executive order 9,000 opportunity zones for lower-income Americans to gain jobs and start small businesses with lessened corporate taxation. The latter move was a longtime goal of populist Republican Jack Kemp. It took President Trump to get it done.

Conservatism Inc., the worthless Koch-paid pundits you see at CPAC, hate Trump because he obliterated their entire racket. Conservatives want to be professional losers because it pays better. Conservatives want open borders because the Kochs tell them to advocate for open borders. They want to outsource American jobs because that’s what Koch Industries wants. A movement once led by William F. Buckley and other great intellectuals now consists of Non-Playable Characters (NPC’s) who have no voice outside of what the Kochs and the Chamber of Commerce dictate.

President Trump is different. His agenda is not about right versus left, it is about Right versus wrong. He seeks to un-tangle Washington’s wicked web to end the corruption that defines so much of our political life, from the decisions that get made on Capitol Hill to the synthetic talking points regurgitated by empty-minded “reporters.” The system marches in lockstep and it grew complacent for so long that it doesn’t know how to handle Trump. What can be done about this tycoon, this idealist, this moral man, making senators run around in circles for days or weeks until he finally breaks them down?

President Trump needs to understand the necessity for him to succeed. He must not exist solely in a journalistic capacity, with his tweets pointing out Washington hypocrisy but with his presidential authority silenced by it. He must achieve. He must be effective. He must break the system so thoroughly that it cannot be repaired in any future Democrat or Koch Republican administration. The time is now, and Trump is the only man who can do this very difficult but supremely important job.

Go get ’em, sir.

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