SHUTDOWN DAY 17: President Trump Has NO REASON To Make An Amnesty-For-Wall Deal

Donald J. Trump, Facebook
Donald J. Trump, Facebook

President Donald Trump has all the leverage on this, the seventeenth day of the federal government shutdown. Why? Because Trump’s supporters do not care that the government is shut down, and many of them want the government to be shut down because they hate the government. Trump has the ability to declare a national emergency and get Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan to fully fund the Wall. Trump can also do various other things, which he will learn more about as his Cabinet secretaries — tasked with hunting for Wall money — report back to him about creative methods.

There is absolutely no reason, then, for Trump to make concessions on amnesty to the Democrats, who are holding absolutely no cards. None. The Democrats have the mainstream media — which only Republican congressmen and their consultants in Washington take seriously — but all the mainstream media can do is “Blame Trump” for the shutdown. But it doesn’t matter, because most of America doesn’t need to blame anyone for this. Why? Because many Americans hate the mainstream media as much as they hate the government.

“Some members of the Senate are talking about maybe including Dreamers in some sort of an negotiated settlement,” Mike Pence told Tucker Carlson after Carlson grilled him on the deal, which is being pushed for hard by Lindsey Graham.

Look, Lindsey Graham is not the MAGA guy just because he goes on Fox News a lot and the Blue Check conservatives praised him during the Brett Kavanaugh hearings. And Mike Pence is not a master negotiator, as evidenced by the fact that Trump shut down Pence’s proposed deal with Chuck Schumer to go lower than $5.6 billion on Wall funding. Trump subsequently put in a formal offer of $5.7 billion, $0.1 billion higher than the number that has been talked about, which seems like a pretty Trumpian move.

I want to like Jared Kushner. I really do. The criminal justice reform bill was good stuff. He is the father of my beloved president’s grandchildren. But he has probably never read “Art of the Deal,” which frankly should be required reading on Day one of working in the Trump administration. If Ann Coulter is correct, and Kushner is in fact trying to impress everyone with his bipartisan deal-making ability in a situation where his father-in-law has ALL THE LEVERAGE, then he needs to go to “Art of the Deal” boot camp, stat!

As I explained in a way that Washington policy wonks cannot or will not understand, THE ENERGY IS ON PRESIDENT TRUMP’S SIDE:

President Donald Trump is capable of building the Wall by declaring a national emergency and directing Department of Defense funds, overseen by DOD Secretary Patrick Shanahan, to secure our southern border from criminal gangs and terrorists.

The Democrats, then, have no leverage, and their persistent holdout on $5.6 billion in Wall funds is only exposing them for who they are: weak quislings, shills for the globalist billionaires around the world who seek to crush America, to make this great country submit to the will of a financial system that benefits the very few. America is “supposed” to fulfill a service role nowadays. We are supposed to be the low-paid Wal-Mart cashiers changing money on Chinese-assembled merchandise. We are supposed to be the social justice warriors advocating for one-world communism on our college campuses. We are supposed to play our part.

But we choose not to.

The American people are engaged in spiritual warfare against the forces that want to divide and conquer us. We win when our energy simply overwhelms theirs. We triumph when the forces of Good overpower the forces of Evil. We prevail when our determination outmatches their stubbornness, when our perseverance defeats their Fear. We win when our Wall casts a long shadow over their Tower of Babel.

Across America, the energy is on President Trump’s side. Building the Wall will be a victory that will define the Trump agenda in 2020: Nationalism, security, America First. It is the biggest issue because it pertains to all other issues. And there is no better way to inspire the people to fight for the other issues than by allowing them to see a magnificent Wall, as promised, on our southern border (a second wall on the US-Canada border can be the next discussion).

“Our purpose in the meeting at the White House was to open up government. The impression you get from the president [is] that he would like to not only close government, build a wall, but also abolish Congress so the only voice that mattered was his own,” said Nancy Pelosi on a low-IQ Sunday show.

But she’s wrong. President Trump’s voice is a conduit for the voices of the American people. Congress, on the other hand, is an obstacle, a corrupt entity badly in need of reform (read: term limits).

Do you think these guys want to listen to what Nancy Pelosi has to say? These guys want a Wall.

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