SHUTDOWN DAY 21: President Trump Sets The All-Time Record

President Donald Trump has set the all-time record for longest government shutdown, hitting 21 consecutive days Friday and with no resolution in place to end it today. Tomorrow morning will be Day 22: an unprecedented achievement for the Americans among us who don’t really get to sign off on whatever the federal government does with our hard-earned money.

Former House speaker Newt Gingrich set the fabled 21-day record in 1996, after a Christmas shutdown that gained major concessions from the Democrat Bill Clinton White House.

In this case, President Trump has one issue and one issue only: The Wall. He appears prepared to build it through the Army Corps of Engineers.

In the meantime, federal workers are driving Ubers and learning how to contribute positively to the economy by adding value to other people’s lives rather than detracting value from other people’s lives. Unionists chanting “Pay us now” outside the White House should not be President Trump’s concern: thank Teddy Roosevelt for them.

Now let’s think about Cal Ripken Junior’s record: what was it again? 2,131?

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