SHUTDOWN DAY 24: Best ‘Hostage’ Crisis Ever!

President Donald Trump is delivering in his recent mission to become a dynamic America First activist, racking up victories while Democrats struggle to even keep themselves afloat in the mainstream media spin game.

Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi have come off so badly in this showdown that almost nobody really supports them — check out California Democrat Katie Hill advocating for “physical barriers” on both Fox News and CNN, perhaps as a result of what she calls President Trump’s “political terrorism.” Guess what allowed her and some other Democrats to get on board? Trump let the Democrats call it a barrier instead of a “wall.”

Same with Democratic Congressional Caucus chairwoman Cherie Bustos, who said a “partial wall” would be “fine.”

President Trump was making deals with actual people while TV journalists were practicing their talking points in law school.

As for the furloughed workers, the silent majority of America cries not for them.

Non-essential government employees who make an entire living off our taxpayer dollars — and then have the nerve to chant “Pay Us Now” outside the White House, with the world’s TV cameras capturing that pitiable display — are not heroes to the average working man in America, who labors in the private sector to pay for their lazy incompetence. Government dependency is not just caused by welfare. It also happens in the employment game, where effective communist apparatchiks get to pretend that they are actually usefully employed. And the Democrats get another vote by default.

President Trump has inspired some of these people to improve themselves by becoming Uber drivers and substitute teachers, learning much more valuable skills than anything they get to demonstrate in their non-essential life.

Hostages? If those folks are hostages, then this is Dog Day Afternoon.

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