SHUTDOWN DAY 7: Two Weeks Away From The All-Time Record

President Donald Trump is standing strong in his face-off with congressional Democrats and refusing to re-open the federal government without the $5 billion he needs to build a magnificent Wall on our southern border.

President Trump is now threatening to close down the U.S.-Mexico border altogether if Congress does not move to swallow their stubborn pride and finally do the right thing for the American people.

Congress has adjourned until December 31, which gives Chuck Schumer more time to look at himself in the mirror and possibly experience a fleeting moment of moral conscience. It also gives Mitch McConnell more time to think about his refusal to use the nuclear option to pass the Wall with 51 votes, which Republicans could do at literally any time (no excuse so far offered by Team Mitch actually makes any sense).

President Trump, who initially claimed credit for the shutdown before moderate-minded people convinced him to play the “Blame the other side” game and pretend that shutdowns are bad, is now only two weeks away from the all-time shutdown record of 21 consecutive days set by then-Speaker Newt Gingrich over Christmas 1995. Newt got big concessions out of Bill Clinton, leading to a period of economic prosperity.

President Trump is not trying to set the record, he is merely trying to protect our people from the many criminal gangs that push heroin over our border, ensnaring our American people in lives of addiction and crime. The heroin trade gives massive amounts of undue power to the cartels, who control stretches of U.S. territory and grease the palms of American officials to look the other way. And the Republican Party and mainstream media television networks get nice and fat on pharmaceutical money from campaign contributions and TV commercials. Pharmaceutical companies, shilling their synthetic heroin, feed the fixes of heroin addicts after they cycle through our interminably broken drug-based criminal justice system, which is an entire economy unto itself.

Trump’s position is strong. The media charlatans are exploiting an illegal immigrant child dying of influenza in U.S. custody — which would never have happened if we had a Wall — because they are running out of talking points. The Dow Jones Industrial Average had two strong days in a row after Christmas, erasing the losses of the Federal Reserve-engineered Christmas Eve plunge. Schumer is running out of cards in his deck. Those who know the man might say that Chuck was never playing with a full deck to begin with.

I tried to ask Mitch McConnell why he won’t just use the nuclear option to get the Wall done, but Mitch’s staff refused to answer and instead called the cops on me. For some reason, thanks primarily to Fox News, Mitch is getting a pass in all of this.

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