“Sick and Tired”‘ Ralph Northam Blames Virginia Drivers For Epic I95 Traffic Jam

Outgoing and infamous Virginia Governor Ralph Northam lashed out and blamed drivers in his state for the epic and dangerous traffic jam on I95 on Wednesday, declaring that he was “sick and tired” of Virginians criticizing him for failing to deter a buildup on the highway that kept motorists on the road for as much as 20 hours.

When asked by WRVA radio host Matt Demlein about the mismanagement of the highway, Northam blasted the drivers themselves, who were trapped on the highway by poor maintenance of the road.

I am getting sick and tired of people talking about what went wrong… Why did you feel it was so important to drive through such a snow storm?” Northam went on to blast motorists for declining to stay home at the behest of the government, despite many area residents needing to commute to work for a living, seek medical care, and obtain necessary supplies to survive the storm.

No one died during the serious emergency, but reports emerged of citizens who needed insulin and vital supplies to survive while stranded on the road. Area residents took to the highway as good sanitarians to deliver the necessities, with some stranded on I95 for as many as 27 hours.

Virginia Democrat Senator Tim Kaine was one of the offenders Northam threw under the bus, having gotten himself stuck on the highway for at least 19 hours during a commute from Northern Virginia to Washington DC.

Virginia state police and state agencies had failed to pre-salt the roads in the advance of the winter storm, a move that could’ve cleared much of the snow obstruction before it built up on the highway. A Republican Virginia legislator has asked how the commonwealth Department of Transportation could have “improved its response, management, and execution of the incident.

Reactionary partisan progressives had initially sought to blame incoming Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin for the disaster, not realizing that Northam is still in office.

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