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Sick Mom Celebrates 15-Year-Old Daughter Suffering Menopause Due to Transgender Drugging

Heinous doesn’t begin to describe this.



A mother recently penned an op/ed for Essential Kids celebrating that her 15-year-old daughter is going through menopause as part of her transition away from her birth gender.

Carolyn Tate, a native of Australia, wrote that she is “so proud of him,” referring to her daughter, who she claims is “comfortable in his own skin.” She described the bizarre process of menopause that her drugged-up daughter went through with great pride.

“My 15-year-old son started feeling nauseous and “a bit off” a couple of weeks ago. He skipped dinner and headed to bed early, but the next morning he still wasn’t himself. The nausea had lifted but it was replaced with sweats and hot flashes,” she wrote. “It couldn’t have been something he ate because we’d all been eating the same food, and it would be bizarre if he’d caught anything because my house has been on a pretty strict lockdown for weeks, due to the coronavirus pandemic.”

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“It was when we started googling the symptoms that the penny dropped: my son was going through menopause,” she added.

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This abusive monster has been sending her daughter to a gender clinic since she was the age of 13. She has been drugging her daughter with puberty blockers and intends to start drugging her with testosterone at the age of 16.

“The drug is administered via a needle that looks big enough to sedate a horse, and it was watching my usually needle-phobic son calmly accepting his first injection a few weeks ago with barely a wince that gave me a new appreciation for how deeply he is ready for his transition to progress,” she wrote.

She mentioned how the puberty blockers caused adverse reactions within her daughter as the drugs crippled the natural processes of her body. She believes that more children should potentially be subjected to this unnatural and unhealthy process.

“As a parent, it’s been a massive adjustment from having a pony-loving, curly-haired daughter to the masculine young man lives in my house and towers over me. But what I know about parenting is that I’m just the custodian to these children living in my home. I’m here to love them and do what I can to help them to grow into whoever they know themselves to be,” she wrote.

“Because what the world needs is more people who are truly comfortable being themselves – and who accept and celebrate others for doing the same,” she added.

Big League Politics has frequently reported on the disturbing trend of children being groomed and drugged for induction into the transgender lifestyle:

Whistle-blowers are coming forward to expose the next phase of the LGBT agenda – giving testosterone to children as young as eight years old who have been convinced they are transgender.

Several doctors who object to this practice appeared with the mother of trans child to detail the horrors of this practice to the Heritage Foundation while appearing on a panel at the Washington D.C. headquarters of the thinktank.

“It’s not acceptable for doctors to remove healthy limbs from children, so why is it acceptable for doctors to remove healthy reproductive organs from children?” the mother who was referred to only as “Elaine” during the presentation asked, her voice shaking with outrage at certain points.

“The ‘experts’ tell parents that it is harmful to question their children’s beliefs, that they must support their children’s medical transition, which includes a lifetime dependence on hormones, and that if parents do not comply, their children will be at higher risk of suicide,” she said.

“These parents are being lied to as their children are harmed and their families are torn apart,” Elaine said.

The LGBT agenda is after the souls of the children and enabling abuse on a previously unforeseen scale, enabled by useful idiots like this ghastly parent.

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LOCKDOWN 2.0: Europe is Shutting Down Everything Again Due to COVID-19 Mass Hysteria

This is what Biden will do in America.



Europe is once again panicking over COVID-19, and political leaders are reinstituting draconian lockdown measures to shut down public life as a result.

“We are dealing with exponential growth,” German Economy Minister Peter Altmaier said to a virtual French-German economic conference in Berlin, according to Reuters. “In Germany, the number of new infections is rising by 70-75% compared to the week before.”

French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin told the country to expect “difficult decisions” in the days to come regarding COVID-19 policy. Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis is attempting to extend emergency powers until Dec. 3 in order to keep society shuttered.

In Russia, they have instituted a face mask mandate and are considering closing bars and restaurants. The Belgian government will decide on a national lockdown on Friday. Spain has instituted a national curfew that has been in place since Sunday.

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Big League Politics has reported on the color-coded system of lockdown tyranny that is being implemented in the United Kingdom with COVID-19 fear used as the excuse:

Britain is rolling out their “three-tiered system” for restricting the liberties of its citizenry throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

The plan is endorsed wholeheartedly by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the Conservative Party figurehead who was elected to free Britain from globalist rule. Instead, he has implemented the technocracy like no other and essentially rendered the Brexit moot by abusing his authority in myriad ways.

Johnson introduced the new regime earlier this week. The national government will divide regional authorities into “local Covid alert levels”, which are listed as medium (tier 1), high (tier 2), and very high (tier 3). Tier 1 is color coded in yellow while Tier 2 is color coded in light orange with Tier 3 being color coded in dark orange. Each distinction brings a host of new restrictions that will cripple public life and destroy British businesses. Notice how there is no “low” level of threat even listed as an option here, as British authorities demonstrate that the return to a free society is no longer tenable.

“This is not how we want to live our lives, but this is the narrow path we have to tread between the social and economic trauma of a full lockdown and the massive human, and indeed economic cost of an uncontained epidemic,” Johnson said.

Johnson has effectively surrendered to the mass hysteria, lacking the strength and the will to defeat COVID-19 as quickly as President Donald Trump vanquished the virus.

“Engagement with other leaders in the north-west, the north-east and Yorkshire and Humber is continuing,” Johnson said. “I know how difficult this is. They, like us, like everyone in this house, are grappling with very real dilemmas, but we cannot let the NHS fall over when lives are at stake.

“So let me repeat the offer that we’re making to those local authorities: work with us on these difficult but necessary measures in the areas that are rated very high, in return for more support for local test and trace, more funding for local enforcement, the offer of support form the armed forces, and the job support scheme, as announced by the chancellor,” he added.

Meanwhile, U.S. President Donald Trump refuses to bow to fear in the face of the pandemic.

“Until November 4th., Fake News Media is going full on Covid, Covid, Covid,” President Donald Trump, in full campaign mode, tweeted on Tuesday. “We are rounding the turn. 99.9%.”

If Biden wins next week’s election, this sort of permanent virus shutdown regime is coming to the United States. A vote for President Trump is a vote to preserve the rule of law against the burgeoning technocracy.

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