SICK: NeverTrump Political Operative Calls to Doxx NUNS For Appearing at Ohio MAGA Rally

A Never Trump ex-Republican and liberal campaign consultant called for a doxxing operation to be conducted against Catholic nuns who were seen on camera in attendance at one of President Donald Trump’s ‘MAGA’ rallies in Ohio.

Peter Vroom, is self identifying “ex Republican” campaign consultant. He identifies himself as the CEO of Convergence Event Technology. He took aim at a group of Catholic nuns affiliated with the Children of Mary religious order in a set of Saturday tweets.

Vroom slammed the sisters’ support of the President- who has governed as the most pro-life President in a generation- as “bizarre and disgusting.”

Vroom went on to publish personal information from the sisters’ religious order’s website, tacitly encouraging them to be doxxed.

Vroom had earlier tried to shame a nun for not wearing a face mask, ignoring that she was speaking to a crowd at the event.

Receiving the support of any professed religious (a Catholic term for those such as nuns, friars and monks)- who have sworn vows of poverty, obedience, and chastity- should be considered an honor for any political candidate.

Thankfully, there’s not much that a good little corporate leftist such as Vroom can really do to punish those who have renounced all worldly possessions. He was roundly ratioed in response his Twitter doxxing campaign, with more than seven thousand responses to his initial call to publicize the nuns’ personal information.


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