SICK: Reza Aslan Asks Dinesh D’Souza to Send Him His Address After Proclaiming “We Burn the Entire F****** Thing Down” If GOP Tried to Replace RBG

Some know Reza Aslan for his biography of Jesus Christ. Others know him from his commentary on CNN. Still others know him as a loud-mouthed leftist who spews hatred on Twitter.

He has continued making a name for himself with respect to the latter. Aslan asked Dinesh D’Souza to send him his address when D’Souza needled him for his past tweet that “If [the Republicans] even TRY to replace RBG we burn the entire fucking thing down.”

This comes on the heels of the deceased Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s replacement by Amy Coney Barrett earlier Monday evening.

Screenshot below:

Here’s the full version of the tweet D’Souza responded to:

Neither of Azlan’s despicable tweets have been deleted, and there’s no indication that they ever will be despite their inflammatory, threatening nature.

Condemnation on Twitter was swift, though many are simply mocking him for being such a lunatic leftist loser:

What’s also infuriating is that Twitter polices the New York Post and Big League Politics for posting stories about Hunter Biden and voter fraud, yet will likely refuse to do anything against Reza Aslan for his reprehensible rhetoric.

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