Sick: WaPo Neocon Calls to “Defund Walter Reed” After President Trump Receives Treatment at Military Hospital

Washington Post columnist and neocon Jennifer Rubin called for Congress to defund Walter Reed National Military Medical Center after President Donald Trump received treatment at the facility.

The “public health hazard” Rubin speaks of is one of the primary healthcare centers for injured military service members in the nation. Closing it would leave wounded soldiers and Marines to the uncertainty of the healthcare system in a global pandemic.

Rubin seems the most upset that President Trump announced he would be continuing his recovery from coronavirus at the White House on Monday evening. She wants the President to remain in quarantine until after the election.

Rubin called for any doctor who signed off on the President’s departure from the military hospital to lose their medical license. Because no one is more prepared to suggest a course of quarantine and isolation care than the career political pundit, even to the point where real doctors who disagree with her preferred course of action should lose their medical licenses.

Rubin may very well be the worst opinion columnist in America. She recently ceased identifying as a ‘conservative,’ a long overdue admission from the blogger.

The President departed Walter Reed and was transported back to the White House hours after Rubin’s conniption fit.

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