SICK: White Mom Gets Kids to Kneel and Say “All Hail Black Women” in TikTok Video

A disturbing TikTok video shows a white mother getting her kids to bow on their knees while saying “all hail black women.” It has now gone viral and the mother is receiving backlash from all sides.

The New York Post identifies the woman as Justine Champion. She originally posted the video on December 30, and in it she says that “black women are the reason Donald Trump is no longer gonna be our president.” A text overlay on the video reads: “Me teaching my white boys how to behave.”

Although Champion removed the video, many others have reposted it on Twitter and elsewhere.

Champion’s race idolatry and dubious claim that Trump lost the presidency because of black women was not well received, even by black women and woke leftist types. “I’m a woman of color and agreed,” commented one TikTok user on the original post. “But it’s annoying when people make these videos just for clout and not because they genuinely agreed.”

Responding to New York Times reporter Taylor Lorenz’s tweet of the video, Champion said that she took it down “after listening to some black women and their concerns.”

“Others want me to put it back up because they loved it. Either way I’m grateful they helped get rid of trump [sic],” she added.

What is it with certain white people and their pathological desire to exalt people of another race on account of their race? It’s strange and unhealthy behavior.

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