Silent Pro-Life Protesters Forced to Leave Campus Pro-Abortion Speech

A group of silent pro-lifers were mandated to leave a pro-abortion speech given by Planned Parenthood’s CEO, at their university.

Students for Life of America reported an incident at University of California, Los Angeles where pro-lifers were forced to leave a speech given my Planned Parenthood CEO, Dr. Leana Wen. The event was put on at the David Geffen School of Medicine entitled, “The Role of Advocacy in the Medical Profession”.

While many pro-life members had aspirations to attend the speech, including representatives from Silent No More (a group of those who regret their abortions), Catherine Contreras of Vox Vitae gave her account of what happened on January 31st, according to the SFLA blog:

“There were at least 9 security officers or security staff on hand. What struck the most was the stark contrast between Kristan’s [SFLA president] talk vs Wen’s talk. At Lies Feminists Tell, protesters had drums, were yelling, etc., and were never asked to leave. They remained outside banging their instruments the whole time. At Wen’s talk, these three women were silently protesting while she was speaking. When security (law or UCLA, undistinguished) saw they had posters, they were asked to move aside and told they were not allowed to go past a certain point and security threatened to call the police if they did not leave. The UCLA staffer did not even allow the women to go through the elevator to get to their car in the parking garage. They were forced to go through the parking garage entrance, which was unsafe.”

This shocking event was unfortunately not the first time something to this magnitude happened to members of Students for Life. In 2018 leaders of SFLA at Penn State were forbidden from attending a public campus speech given by then president of Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards.

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