Slate Claims Trump Doesn’t Use Computers, Proves Itself Wrong With Caption Photo

The guardians of all that is truthful in the mainstream press made a mockery out of themselves again on Thursday.

“Two years into his presidency and Donald Trump still doesn’t use computers,” Slate said in Tweet, attaching a hard-hitting.

The was only one problem. The Slate thumbnail photo literally shows Trump sitting in front of a laptop.

Click into the article, and it gets even better.

“As New York Times White House reporter Maggie Haberman reminded us via Twitter, actually, Trump does not use a computer at all, meaning a staffer must have Googled on his behalf,” said Slate writer Heather Schwedel.

“Someone is doing the googling but not [Trump],” Haberman said in the Tweet, offering no proof to support her claim. How’s that for getting to the bottom of the story?

“ABC News reporter Tara Palmeri, who also covers the White House, further explained that Trump sometimes reads on an iPad, which he refers to as ‘the flat one,'” said the Slate piece.

Slate claims that “Haberman and Palmeri are well-positioned to be privy to these sorts of details,” because they are White House reporters. That is obvious nonsense. White House reporters report on the White House, they do not follow the President around 24/7.

But then Schwedel wrapped up her analysis with another brilliant point.

“(As an aside, ‘the flat one’ is a pretty funny thing to call a tablet, evoking a high-low mix of a snobby type of coffee drink called ‘the flat white’ and ‘Suck my fat one,’ a decidedly not-snobby insult. The flat one! He really does have a way with words.),” she wrote.

That’s it #MAGA movement. Time to pack it up and go home. Slate has finally put the nail in Trump’s coffin. Their claim that he Trump does not use computers is certainly and impeachable offense, and likely to lose him the support of all of his base.

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